Because DeScent Odor Removal’s service is revolutionary, removing odors from spaces you never thought possible, we understand that you have questions.  We have answers! See below for answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Have a question you don’t see answered here? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Is DeScent Odor Removal the same as an Ozone or Ionizer removal system?

No.  DeScent Odor uses a patent-pending proprietary chemical solution to destroy odors at their source.

How does the process work?

DeScent Odor uses a 3-step process to eliminate odors:

  1.  We deploy our Gas System to ensure all airborne contaminates are destroyed.
  2. We then spray our Liquid System on all surfaces to ensure removal of surface contaminates.
  3. Finally, we introduce our long-term “BioStatic” to provide a lasting barrier to all surfaces.
Is the service safe for pets and children?

Absolutely.  DeScent Odor uses only FDA-approved products – NO toxic or harmful products – so it’s completely safe for you, your family, and your pets.

How long does the odor removal process take?

Most homes or offices can be treated in just a few hours; however, for more intense odors more time may be required.   This will likely be answered during your inspection by one of our Odor Elimination experts.

What is the cost?

The cost depends on a few different variables:  

  • Strength of Odor
  • Size of Home
  • Single story or multiple levels
The smell is only in one room of my home. Don’t you only need to treat that one room?

Unfortunately, odors aren’t confined by walls to just one space; they can – and will – travel, so it may be necessary to treat more than one room.  Your Odor Elimination Expert will do a thorough assessment of the contaminated space and will advise you on how much of your home or office will need to be treated.     

How long will this last? Will I need to repeat this process?

Once DeScent’s Odor Removal process is complete, the odor is removed and will not return!  (However, please note that if another odor source is introduced to the home, retreatment may be necessary.)

Do I have to leave my home during treatment?

We ask that your home be empty of people and pets during the time of treatment.  The good news is that most treatments can be completed in just a few hours so not to inconvenience you and your family.

What if I have rental property? How does this service benefit me?

Have you ever walked into a home and immediately smelled a faint yet unpleasant odor?  DeScent’s Odor Removal service is a great way to ensure that your rental property is completely odor-free, thereby removing any hesitation from prospective tenants.  In addition, DeScent Odor may be able to save you large amounts of money and time by eliminating the need to remove old carpet. We can add new life to odor-ridden carpets!


  • Destroys odors at the source, doesn’t cover them up
  • Fast, effective process
  • Completely safe! Biodegradable, non-toxic
  • No clean-up required
  • No wait time after
  • No residual odors, just clean, fresh air
  • 100% guaranteed!
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